The ASNAF grouping has a council comprising the founder ASEAN member countries and 3 members representing the rest of Asia, namely Australasia, North East Asia and India sub-continent. The Council Chairmanship is rotated amongst the members countries annually in alphabetical sequence and is responsible for hosting the ASNAF Annual Conference wherein the ASNAF members and strategic partners get to meet and discuss developments beneficial to the accounting profession and ASNAF. The Council is supported by the ASNAF Secretariat which is also appointed annually and headed by a Honorary Administrator. The Chairmanship handover ceremony is conducted at the end of each ASNAF Annual Conference.

ASNAF Council


Mr Tanisorn Timtiang

Firm : Adisorn & Associates Ltd , Thailand

Email :

Deputy Chairman

Mr Nguyen Nhan Bao

Firm : Viet Nhat Auditing Co., LTD. (KTVN), Vietnam

Email :

Immediate Past Chairman

Mr Rohan Kamis

Firm : Rohan • Mah & Partners LLP, Singapore

Email :


Mr Atarek Kamil bin Ibrahim

Firm : Atarek Kamil Ibrahim & Co, Malaysia

Email :


Ms Rosario S. Bernaldo (Cherry)

Firm : R.S. Bernaldo & Associates, Philippines

Email :

Member (India sub-continent)

Mrs Kalyani Phadke

Firm : DKV & Associates

Email :

Member (Australasian)

Mr Martin Artenstein

Firm : Morris Cohen Glen & Co

Email :

Member (North East Asia)

Mr Jesse Leung

Firm : Leung & Puen CPA Limited, Hong Kong

Email :